What are big beds?

It's very simple ... We classify big beds as anything larger than a King / Cal King!

These oversized beds range from 7ft wide to 12ft wide. You may be thinking - why would you need anything bigger than a King?!

In fact, there are many reasons people are choosing to upgrade the size of their bed:

  • Extra distance away from a snoring partner
  • More space for your 12 French Bulldogs
  • A grand look to your bedroom
  • A cinema room with a comfy bed
  • Or simply because, why not!

We are here to provide you with good value, quality accessories for your oversized mattresses.

Here are the most popular sizes that we support:

  • Wyoming King (84" width x 84" length)
  • Florida King (108" width x 80" length)
  • Vermont King (96" width x 96" length)
  • Alaskan King (108" width x 108" length)
  • Family Bed (120" width x 80" length)
  • Family Bed XL (144" width x 84" length)